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holmes told police he explosives at his house. cnn reporting no explosives were found. authorities have been searching since they got that piece of information. they believe he acted alone that threat may be over and the focus now on motive. you are looking live at pictures out of denver right now. police chief says holmes was wearing a gas mask and a bulletproof vest and he set off -- this is cell phone video from earlier that you see now -- that he set off some kind of gas in the theater before opening fire the death toll stands at 12, 10 died at the theater that victim who is three months old was treated and released, parents took him as a precaution there's a 6-year-old among the victims. 38 to 50 people wounded that number keeps changing. we continue to hear more from people if -- inside the theater. >>> i thought it was like a firecracker or firework i thought someone was like it is the batman premiere i'm going to get people riled up. it wasn't until the alarm sounded saying there was an emergency, something is going on that's when i figured out it was serious. >> reporter: inves
. certainly a most interesting way >> you bet. 6:20. the low profile cnn's anderson cooper is keeping following his announcement that he's gay. >>> elaborate ceremony hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> welcome back. the summer olympics games are just about here organizers are taking no chances when it comes to protecting the medals. >> ♪ ♪ >>> royal marine trumpets could be heard in london as the mining company responsible for producing the medals. the medals are being stored in the tower of london for safe keeping. 4,700 medals are in storm. the tower is where the royal family stores its crown jewels. >>> don't expect cnn anchor anderson cooper to comment publicly in the next few days about the announcement he's gay. "the new york times" reports he's out of the country on assignment for 60 minutes where he also works. cooper announced yesterday he's gay in a letter released online. the 45-year-old says he still considers himself a private p
with the seriously funny ricky gervais. >>> plus, cnn's anderson cooper tells the world he's gay in a simple e-mail exchange. a lot has changed since ellen degeneres' "time" magazine cover. tonight, how more and more celebrities are coming out casually. >> from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden, and bill weir in new york city. this is "nightline," july 2nd, 2012. >> good evening. i'm terry moran. tonight, an extremely rich hollywood couple, high-profile religion and divorce battle that's about to thrust both of them even further into the spotlight. katie holmes blind-sided tom cruise with divorce papers after five years of marriage and she's asking for full custody of their daughter, suri. it's a surprise move that's raised a delicate question of faith and marriage. could cruise's famous devotion to the church of scientology be one of the causes of the split? here is abc's dan harris. >> reporter: in the pantheon of seb right divorces, this one is the blockbuster. it's got it all, fame, hundreds of millions of dollars on the table, and high-powered lawyers on
appearance on cnn, he will be the first latino to deliver a keynote address at a democrat convention. president obama will need significant support from his -- hispanic voters. the first lady will also take the stage september 4th. >>> big deal may be brewing for pete's coffee. it might not be popular with regulars of the company. >>> ample's lawsuit against samsung being big day in a san jose courtroom. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> opening statements are beginning this morning in apple's lawsuit against samsung. the jury was seated yesterday. apple sued samsung last year alleging smartphones and computer tablets are illegal knock offs. apple is demanding 2 1/2 billion dollars in damages. samsung says some of the technology at issue has been industry standard for years. >>> facebook stock hit a new low today, $21.79 this morning a drop of nearly 6%. the drop comes after an analyst report valued the stock between $19 and $23. facebook stock has fallen more than 40% since it began publicly trading in may. >>> wall street analysts speculating starbucks
complex. they did find something at the movie theater. the police chief told cnn the suspect's car was at the theater. we are seeing video of the white sedan. at last 14 are dead. 10 died at the theater, four later at the hospital. the youngest victim to the hospital was 6-years-old, 50 people were wounded. police say the shoot her a rifle, handgun and another weapon, also a gas mask. witnesses say the man did not say a word he released some sort of canister into the theater and started shooting. >> it took a second to realize what was going on. as people were running, i hit the ground. [ inaudible ] i heard the sound of metal canisters and i saw plumes of smoke. >> reporter: at this point in the hours following the shooting authorities believe the shooter acted alone. he does not have ties to domestic or international terrorism. one hundred fbi agents at the scene. the homeland security adviser notified president obama of the shooting in the last hour. the president has released a statement he says he's shocked and saddened by what he calls a horrific and tragic event. >> much mor
. >> reporter: cnn, washington. >> ama: we want to thank some of the people who are helping bay area foster kids in need by licking us on facebook. some of our new friends include carol from oakland, lisa from santa clara, and rodney from san francisco. you can help make a difference, too. just like abc-7 news on facebook right now and $1 gets donated to the abc-7 sleep train dream campaign. >>> leigh glaser is here checking on the weather. >> leigh: warmer today across the bay area. kind of a sign that things are going to be gradually warming up into next week. high definition suit -- sought -- sutro cam. we have been seeing a little bit of light fog kind of creeching up near -- creeping up near the goes, and you can show we have had quite a bit of clearing near the golden gate bridge and look how this is starting to fill in. so westerly wind component going to push that further inland so get ready for more cloudiness. >> -- in the east bay and a possibility of drizzle. 80 in livermore, 61 in san francisco. 74 in san jose. low cloud moving inland, the coastal drizzle. a warmer day tomorrow. an
with the big reveal by cnn anchor, anderson coop cooper, who has now publicly acknowledged that he is, in fact, gay. >> cooper said, quote, the fact is, i'm gay. always have been. always will be. and i couldn't be anymore happy, comfortable with myself and proud. >> cooper says, with so many kids being bullied today, he wants to make it clear exactly where he stands. there we go. >>> we're getting a better idea of what may have led to katie holmes' decision to end her marriage. reports here in new york say holmes was afraid that tom cruise would send their 6-year-old daughter to a hard-core scientology program. >> some have compared it to a boot camp where church principles are taught under military-like conditions. that was apparently the final straw for katie holmes. >>> and this dad gets an "a" for effort. but he'll also have to deal with being the laughing stock of his neighborhood. >> the dad was trying to hang a swing for his daughter when something suddenly went wrong. he actually got stuck in the tree. the fire department had to be called in to get the red-faced dad down from there. >>
king live" was a staple on cnn for 25 years. disney, our parent company, is one of the owners of hulu. >> good to see larry back. >> absolutely. >> don't see enough suspenders on tv these days. you know what i mean? it's a classic look. so, good to see him back. >>> when we come back on this tuesday morning, george zimmerman facing new bombshell allegations from a member of his very own family. >>> and winning is out. giving is in. charlie sheen makes a million-dollar pledge for a very good cause. and you are me if you want it, you just got to believe. weight watchers i believe strength [ jennifer ] confidence beautiful amazing [ emily ] this goes way beyond happiness weight watchers i believe. because it works. [ female announcer ] weight watchers -- rated number one best plan for weight loss by u.s. news and world report, again. [ jennifer ] join for $1. weight watchers. believe. because it works. [ jennifer ] join for $1. you don't disappear at midnight. and now, you've met your match. new revlon® colorstay™ 16 hour eyeshadow. 64 colors that will take you from night to day witho
martin's parents, speaking on cnn this morning. >> god did not have a plan for trayvon to die. >> reporter: zimmerman told the story similar to the one he told investigators in march. >> he asked me what my problem was. >> reporter: veteran defense attorney and i huddled over this video and exchanges like this one jumped out. >> you did not continue to follow him at that point? >> no, sir. >> reporter: that contradicting what zimmerman told police that night. >> are you following him? >> yes. >> okay, you don't need to do that. >> that was number one problem with his interview. he contradicted his statement that he made during the 911 call. >> reporter: and watching not only viewers but the prosecution. >> this is going to get him in big trouble. >> absolutely. when i was a prosecutor, i looked for any inconsistencies to undermine witness stand's statement. this is an enormous piece of evidence. >> >> the prosecution declaring that witness part of discovery, it's no longer just news, it's evidence. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >>> next we turn to politics and a rough day for
in robert blake after his blowup on cnn. >> and a lot of giants fans have but one question for their star closer brian wilson. there is wims onwith his date, sasquatch last night. wilson is rehabbing from surgery tweet whod is the plus one? i'm rolling with the swatch all night. and many tweeted they would like to be his plus one. >> perhaps not in that suit, though. >> there is a new dance show called "dancing with the w.a twist" opened tonight. >> showcases performers from "dancing with the stars" and there are two former bay area dancers. >> this is all dancing and singing on abc and there are two raifr kits from "dancing with the stars" who bring in elegance to dance. >> we don't want to it look like just a triatalon. there is a fine balance. >> this brings them home. he grew up in santa rosa. both taught dancing in san jose. these days doing "dancing with the stars" is challenging. >> professionals do all of their own coreos graphy. and interest there is season two, anna paired with jerry rice he was the most focused man i have met at the time and he taught me a lot, actually. i witn
. >> reporter sandra with our news partner cnn is live. what have you learned about the shooter? >> well we know from law enforcement that he had four guns with him, an assault rifle, shotgun and two handguns that is what is used in this assault ai. crowded movie theater makes for easy targets. the suspect is a 24-year-old and he is in police custody. officials say he colored his hair red and told police when arrested that he was the joker. we know that he exelled in academics, a university of colorado dok toreal student in neuroscience working at the university and planning to withdraw from the program that i entered last year, a lot is unknown about the suspect. he's expected in court on monday. >> and we know his apartment has been booby trapped. what is the latest on efforts to deal with that? >> there is a dicey situation. they're being careful as to what they're going to do with his harmt. he mentioned explosives being in his apartment. his one bedroom apartment just walking distance from the university. and there is where they're being cautious. and this might not be until tomorrow until
by her and the selection. cnn compiled a list of interesting facts and first, myer seen has responsible for clean look of with the white space on the screen. and once described the home page to a a company saying it's simple, elegant, you can slip it into your pocket but it has great doo dad when you need it. she's known for her fashion sense, once paying 60,000s ndz a charity auction to have lunch with fashion designer oscar de la renta and she used to date google co-founder larry page. saying the two were an item in early 2000s. she's now married to a venture capitalist and there is a baby on the way. the couple due to have their first child in october. a lot going on. >> there is a busy 2012 for march right after thisa, for sure. >> we're seeing a lot more breeze out there. >> this is odd i i feel like a weather defender. goitsing to remain odd. there is a right now, clouds are parting along the coast and we're getting a good amount of sunshine now. so still cooler and brisk. there is a look at live doppler 7. there are clouds near the coast and extensive. let's travel nor
for on the internet. andy griffith, skyin tolling and anderson cooper are some of the most-searched terms. and cnn anchor anderson cooper came out this week about his sexuality. a study is suggesting teenagers who send sexts are more likely to be sexually acti. that is according to researchers at university of texas in galveston. most were 15 or 16 years of age. 77% of the girls who had sent sexts were sexually active compared to those who had not. they also had a higher chance of engaging in risky behavior. >> video of a little girl just five years old swimming with sharks is getting an emotional response from parents around the country. abc 7 news received a lot of comments and you can see that people have plenty to say about it. >> look how close they are. >> home video making a splash online shows the little girl in water off the bahamas. that is her, snorkling with sharks. the water may not appear deep nor animals menacing but remember, they're sharks, and nya is just five years old. at the beginning of the video, posted by her parents, it sounds as if her mother is nervous. >> are you at a s
scheme and how they've changed his live. >>> cnn anchor public announced he's gay. in a letter saying he kept the sexual orientation private until now for personal and professional reasons. he says he realized the silence has given people an impression he was ashamed. he he says he found value in standing up. and i couldn't be anymore happy, comfortable with myself and proud. >> and everybody is talking about the b.e.t.awards and a funny moment between beyonce and jay-z and did great things for kim kardashian. she sat in the front row. >> and that buzz is dying down. as the spiderman hype heats up. here is on the red >> avengers to hunger games this year's movies are raking in catch. up next could be amazing spiderman this film opensv: in theater as cross the country introducing fans to the story of peter parker as he tries to understand the disappearance of his parents. jamie fox brought out a ton of laughs when presenting video of the year award with beyonce and jay-z in the same category. >> it's going to be an argument at the crib trying to see who is the hottest in the h
cooper of cnn fame, one of the best-known journalists in the country, coming out of the closet yesterday saying, yes, i am gay, that's a fact. interesting the way he call out. not a press conference. an e-mail to andrew sullivan, a fellow gay journalist as well. anderson wrote something particularly eloquent here. he said "it's become clear to me that remaining silent on certain aspects of my personal life for so long i have given some the mistaken impression i am trying to hide something, something that makes me uncomfortable or ashamed or afraid. this is distressing it is simply not true." you were making a point, this could be a role model moment? >> especially for lgbt youth being bullied or going through this identity crisis that some people go through. now you have the man anderson cooper sort of as your role model. and you know, that the sort of the tag, it gets better, hearing it all the time. clearly it does. we are talking about anderson cooper, my colleague at cnn. i love anderson. i just knowledge this was an -- i just think this was an incredible thing to do. >> celebrities
a previous appearance on cnn, he will be the first latino to deliver a keynote address at a democratic convention. experts say mr. obama will need significant support from hispanic voters to win battleground states. the first lady will also take the stage when the convention kicks off tuesday september 4th. >>> los angeles mayor revealed big plans. he said he's not interested in becoming president. but, interested in becoming governor of california. his term as mayor of los angeles ends july 2013. after that he says he will want to join university or think tank and speak around the country. he was chosen to gavel this year's convention in charlotte. >> farmers are traveling farther to make more money. growers are coming to the bay area more and more often because people here will pay more for fresh produce. small family farms say traveling to the bay area's farmers markets keeping them going. -- >> reporter: there's no thing as a summer break for them. >> it is hard, we are not picking early and storing it for weeks, we are picking it ripe. >> right now we are picking everyday because
on cnn. blake accused morgan of calling him a liar for raising questions about the murder of his wife. >> tell me where i'm lying. >> i'm not saying you are lying. >> you are saying you don't know if i'm telling the truth what is the hell is the difference? >> why are you being so defensive? >> because you just insulted me. >> i didn't. >> yes you did. nobody tells me i'm a liar. >> i didn't call you a liar. >> you said i might not be telling the truth what is the hell is the difference? >> in 2005 the 78-year-old actor was acquitted in connection with the murder but found liable in a wrongful death lawsuit and ordered to pay 30 million dollars subsequently he filed for bankruptcy. >>> mitt romney said he thought he did a good job at the naacp convention even though the audience booed him. he said he proved he doesn't change his message depending on the audience. during the naacp speech the audience booed for 15 seconds when he told them the following. >> i'm going to eliminate every none essential expensive program i can -- nonessential expensive program i can find that includes obam
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